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    The recognition that Crash got from critics and fans all over the world was well deserved. This complicated, yet interesting film is one that will really make you contemplate life. The movie is exciting, upsetting, and thrilling all in one. The way that it shows you how every action you have affects someone else is beautiful and terrifying all at once.

    There are so many incredible stars in Crash, one wonders how on Earth the studio was able to pay them all. Chances are they all did the movie for the sake of telling a great story, which immediately makes you certain the movie is a great one. Some of the best actors and actresses in the film are Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito, Terrence Howard, and Thandie Newton. In addition, Ludacris, Ryan Phillipe, and Larenz Tate were also fantastic. Every single one of the actors and actresses excelled in their roles and brought life to the movie.

    The script could have been very complicated. It basically follows many people in one city that have very different lives. It shows how all of their lives intertwine, even though they don’t always know it. It shows racism, sexism, and the tragic consequences of assumptions. It is interesting and exciting to watch. It is full of love, lust, tragedy, and drug abuse. There are so many layers to Crash that it is hard to decipher it well. It is a movie that everyone should see at least once.

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