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    The hopeless romantics of the world cry at the very thought of the movie Ghost. This movie was one of the most memorable movies of all time. It was a great story showing that love can break through any barriers of the universe. Those that want to believe that love is the most powerful emotion in the world love the story brought to life through Ghost. It is humorous at parts, but mostly dramatic and heart wrenching.


    Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze play the leading roles in Ghost. They have such great chemistry onscreen that you really believe their story. They are dramatic and true to their roles individually. But together they bring magic and hope to those watching it. They show their professionalism and really heat up the screen. They are sexy together and have some of the most authentic love scenes of any acting couple onscreen of all time.

    The story of Ghost is an amazingly beautiful love story about a man who was murdered and the woman he loves. He remains on Earth trying to communicate with her because he loves her so much. His spirit is shown through the psychic medium played by Whoppi Goldberg. The story is full of tragedy, deception, and love. It is beautiful and renews your spirit that love can truly conquer all things. You should see Ghost to feel the spirit of being in love and surpassing even death to be together. Your life will change.

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