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    Hope Floats

    Hope Floats is a movie that will capture your heart. Women can easily relate to the main character and really pull for her to succeed in life. It creates wonderful feelings about family, friends, and love. A beautiful story created in a beautiful film.

    The main character of the film is played by Sandra Bullock. Bullock really digs up the drama in her talent supply and pulls off the role beautifully. She plays a heartbroken woman perfectly, and all other women of the world feel for her while watching. The leading male role went to Harry Connick, Jr. who happens to be fantastic throughout. Not only can this man sing beautifully, but he can also act. Bullock and Connick, Jr. are wonderful together onscreen and make a gorgeous couple. The supporting roles played by Gena Rowlands (who plays Sandra’s mother) and Mae Whitman (who plays Sandra’s daughter) are filled out wonderfully. These two actresses really bring a lot to the film and help create the perfect family unit for the storyline to succeed.

    The writers of Hope Floats do a perfect job of getting the audience emotionally involved. The shocking beginning of the movie is more than enough to get your attention. In fact, you may still be in shock throughout the entire movie, from those first few scenes. Although most people don’t know anyone who has gone through this type of situation, everyone knows these people exist because they see them on television every afternoon. All in all, the movie is incredibly entertaining and romantic.

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