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    The movie Sideways was one that snuck up on the world. It won several awards for its amazing story and actors and actresses involved. It is a movie that you may never expect to enjoy much. But after seeing it you will think back on it and know that it really was a quality film and one to learn from.

    Paul Giamatti is the leading character in the film. Giamatti is a genius and has incredible talents that he unleashes at just the right time. He is very traditionally in acting and it shows. You can count on him to be dedicated to the role and always deliver an unusual, yet likable, character. Thomas Hayden Church is his sidekick best friend that is about to get married. Thomas Hayden Church is best known from “Wings” that was on television for years. He does a fantastic job of bringing life and humor to the movie. He is great in his role as well. Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh are fabulous as the leading ladies. They are classy and beautiful throughout.

    The story of the movie is very interesting. You have these two men going on a week long journey though wine country in California. They face women and temptation and give in to both. They are amusing to watch however because they are so honest. You can actually imagine two men doing this and the story carrying out in the same manner. They are dedicated to their friendship more than anything, which is one of the beautiful aspects of the film. The film is a little dry in parts however and may get boring to some.

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