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    Top Gun

    It seems that Tom Cruise can certainly act his way through a great drama. Top Gun was another of his trademark roles. Top Gun was exciting and entertaining to all that saw it. Men and women alike love this film and remember it even years later. It is just a film that sticks out in your mind as being one of the best.

     The cast of Top Gun is an amazing one. Tom Cruise plays the leading male role. He is as tough as nails in the film and brings a macho attitude to the cast. His best friend in the film is Anthony Edwards and the two have incredible chemistry onscreen. In fact, even Edwards’ wife in the film, Meg Ryan has great chemistry with Cruise and Edwards. Kelly McGillis plays Cruise’s love interest in the film and she is hot! Cruise and McGillis work well onscreen together and are great casting choices for the roles they play. The cast creates characters that the audience gets attached to quickly, which is a remarkable thing. They indulge themselves in the plot and their hard work shows.

    The storyline of Top Gun includes everything a great drama film should include. It has romance, love, friendship, family, excitement, and even death. It has the whole package which is likely why everyone loves it so much. In addition, there are humorous portions that will let you laugh out loud, even through the drama. The writers did a great job at telling the story.

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