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    Rain Man

    Rain Man is a film that won 4 Oscars. It is one that once you see it, you remember it for a lifetime. There is nothing you can do to forget it. It is simply that remarkable and life changing to view. The greatest thing about the movie is that in addition to being incredibly dramatic, it is full of talented actors and actresses who provide humor as well. It shows you that no matter what life hands you, you can laugh about it.

    The two main characters in Rain Man are Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. These are both celebrated actors however their roles in Rain Man might have been their best performances ever. They are both so honest and true to their roles, which shows on camera. Dustin Hoffman played a difficult part, however he was able to do so with dignity and grace. He was hilarious and true to his character, who happened to be very interesting. Tom Cruise played the yuppie brother with ulterior motives. However, he softens well throughout the film, showing that Cruise can play both a tight wad and a caring brother in the same film.

    This script was amazing. It keeps you interested and glued to the screen from start to finish. The whole story is very dramatic, and it shows you a lot about relationships and those with mental disabilities. It shows that when you think those with mental disabilities are so ignorant, they can completely surprise you and pull out talents that even the average human being can’t accomplish.

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