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    Cast Away

    Cast Away is labeled as one of the best dramatic films of its time. The movie itself is rather simple, with only one main character and filming that consists of his adventures of survival on a deserted island. However, as simple as it sounds, the drama is thick and Tom Hanks shows the world what it really means to survive.

    Tom Hanks is the leading role in Cast Away. It is a film that stretches the actor to the limits of his trade and he is marvelous in the role. Rumors have it that Hanks even lost 40 pounds for the scenes where he is malnourished from being all alone without adequate food supplies. He makes the film interesting, using only what he has around him, which can be quite difficult for an actor who has no other actors or actresses to draw on in his performance.

    The script of Cast Away is unique and brilliant. It centers around a man who takes everything in his life for granted, because he is a workaholic. The man has a wonderful girlfriend and family, however he doesn’t quite see the whole picture. Then on Christmas Eve, he must whisk away on a flight, leaving everyone behind. The plane crashes and Hanks is the sole survivor. He makes his way with a life preserver to a beautiful, yet deserted island. There he uses on the Fed Ex supplies he can come up with to survive for four years. The story is inspiring and makes everyone watching remember to value their life, for it could literally be gone tomorrow.


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