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    A Chorus Line

    If you love musicals, A Chorus Line is perhaps one of the best dramatic musicals out there. Sure, the whole thing is centered around dancing and singing, but the underlying story of dramatic love is sure to grab your attention. There is fantastic dancing, singing, and dramatic acting, which makes it a movie you can’t forget quickly.

    Although he doesn’t dance much in the film, Michael Douglas is the leading male role in the film. He plays the tough director, of a musical, who is auditioning dancers throughout the film. The leading lady in the movie is Alyson Reed, who now appears often in television shows. The two of them have good chemistry throughout the movie and are tough enough to pull together in the end. The other supporting actors and actresses in A Chorus Line are all very talented and dramatic. They are wonderful additions to the film.

    The script of A Chorus Line is engaging and dramatic, just like the musical. It does tend to feel lengthy at times however all in all, it is a good film. The romantic aspect fairs well and the humorous parts are enough to constantly keep you entertained. If you have seen the musical, you won’t be disappointed in the script for the film. It is quite similar and stays true to the original story line accurately. It is not really a family friendly musical however. There is a great deal of sexual conversations and other adult topics visited in the film.

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