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    It’s not often that a animated film would be considered a romantic comedy, but in the case of Shrek, it must be done. Shrek was marketed as a child’s movie, but most adults found that they loved it just as much, if not more, than their children. So, all in all, it can easily be considered a romantic comedy, and a good one at that. From the cast to the script, Shrek is one that you should not miss.

    Once again, Cameron Diaz joined a stellar cast when she signed on with the film Shrek. She is the voice of beautiful and not-so-beautiful Fiona. She does a lovely job of expressing the character appropriately and brings a lovely sound to the film. Talented Mike Myers is the voice of Shrek and he is amazing at it. He is just as hilarious when voicing a big green ogre as he is when he plays a human in blockbuster movies. Eddie Murphy really adds life and comedy to the movie as the voice of Donkey as well. Murphy is a delightful comedian and his talents are showcased in the movie throughout.

    The script is great for the movie Shrek. The whole idea of the traditional fairytale being disrupted is hilarious. It almost gives an altered view of the traditional “knight in shining armor” fairytale, which is so creative and unique. It is entertaining and exciting. From the dragon scenes to the fire pits, this script will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next.

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