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  • by David C. Terr

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    the party movie posterTitle: The Party

    Director: Blake Edwards

    Starring: Peter Sellers, Claudine Longet, Marge Champion, Steve Franken, Fay McKenzie, Gavin MacLeod

    Release Date: Apr. 4, 1968

    Running Time: 99 min

    Genre: Comedy


    The Party is a hilarious comedy movie starring Peter Sellers and written, produced and directed by Blake Edwards. Peter Sellers exhibits his comic genius wonderfully in this film.

    Plot Summary
    Hrundi V. Bakshi (Sellers) is a very naive Hollywood actor from India, making a Gunga Din-like film. He makes several mistakes, culminating in blowing up the set, for which he is fired and told that he'll never make another Hollywood movie again. However, the studio's boss, in writing down his name, accidentally writes it on the guest list for a fancy Hollywood party which he gets invited to.

    At the party, Bakshi ends up in several embarassing situations, including losing his shoe, getting smelly caviar on his fingers, inadvertently broadcasting his voice on the home pager, and ruining the bathroom. The party culminates with a wild bath which turns the floor of the house into a vast pool full of soap bubbles.

    Social Relevance
    The Party is very much a '60s comedy in how it makes fun of Hollywood big shots. For the most part, the party guests are very snobby and stuffy. Bakshi breathes life into the party, whence many of the guests finally manage to have a good time. The generation gap is also illustrated when the boss's daughter brings home an elephant along with her friends.

    Movie Clips

    Here's a very funny clip at the beginning of the film.


    Here's a clip near the beginning in which Bakshi screws up his filming audition.


    When Bakshi arrives at the party, he has an ordeal with his shoe.


    Here's one of my favorite scenes.


    Here's a scene of Michele (Longet) singing as Bakshi struggles while he needs to go to the bathroom.


    Here's the climactic end to the party.


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